Coincident Speaker Technology presents a breakthrough in power cord technology and application, the Extreme CST PC. The Extreme CST-PC is unique in that it transfers current instantaneously and with uniform density substantially free from phase delays at 60 hz between a high current source, (amplifier,preamplifier,CD player etc), and a standard three hole 120 volt AC outlet. The sonic result of using the Extreme CST PC is purer sound, lower noise floor, greater revelation of low level detail and a huge, yet focused soundstage.Unlike the original CST-PC which used 6N copper as the conductor, the new Extreme employs UP- OCC which is the purest copper available. It has 50% less oxygen and hydrogen impurities compared to OFC and crystal size is 125 mm. versus .02 in OFC. The end result is the purest, most transparent AC cable available at any price. As superb was the original CST PC, the new Extreme elevates the performance into a new realm.

Click to enlargeThe Extreme CST PC Power Cord
accomplishes the goals of:

  1. Instantaneous high current transfer
    virtually free of phase delay at 60 hz
  2. Elimination of AC line noise
  3. Elimination of EMI and RFI

The above is achieved by unique cable geometry, superior construction and state of the art materials.

Each cable has 10 separately insulated bundles of 18 AWG UP- OCC (Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Cast Copper)totalling 7AWG) for hot and negative helically and symmetrically wrapped around a polypropylene dialectric core. The guage of each bundle and cross sectional area are predetermined to avoid internal inductance and phase delay effects while providing high current instantaneously and uniformly.Click to enlarge

Each conductor bundle is seperately shielded by the use of an aluminum mylar foil. A non insulated drain wire connected only at the source and a double twisted pair of ground wires further reduce the effects of line noise, EMI and RFI. Finally a UP-OCC braid acts as a shield over the entire cable to eliminate the last vestiges of noise.

To minimize micro movement within the cable and to dramatically reduce conductor and dialectric resonances, a teflon outer braid covers the polypropylene jacket. Furthermore, a high density shrink wrap is heat applied over hospital grade Hubbell connectors. This acts as a constrained layer of damping. (This exerts the equivalent of 500lbs of pressure per square inch).

The end result is a power cord that sounds decidedly superior to the competition because it was scientifically and correctly designed for that purpose. Purer sound with no current limiting.

Only an audition can reveal it's superiority.

Retail Price: $ US
6 feet or less $349.00

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