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White Paper

CST Advanced Technology- The Latest Breakthrough

Coincident is thrilled to announce the Statement Series  – A breakthrough in cable technology and performance. The Statement Series' superiority is not predicated on a single novel technique or approach but rather that the design for the Statement Series (and the CST Extreme) is based upon genuinely advanced technology, applied in a "total system" approach, to each specific cable application, always in accordance with CST's basic controlling philosophy that the cable should pass the signal exactly as it receives it, with no addition, subtraction, or perversion. 

One example of CST's advanced technology is found in its proprietary "WaveLink" winding geometry. Although many other cable manufacturers recognize the effects of ambient electromagnetic fields, and some (but many do not) are cognizant of electromagnetic fields self-generated by internal current flow, Coincident is still one of the few cable manufacturers in the world to recognize and design for the fact that all cables in operation generate both electromagnetic and electrostatic fields within and surrounding them.

These internally generated fields (the intensity of the electromagnetic field controlled by current flow, and that of the electrostatic field controlled by voltage) both – individually and by their interaction – affect the signal passing through the cable, and therefore profoundly impact the sound of the entire system. 

Signals passed in each cable application all have different relative amounts of current flow (amperage) and voltage1, but there is only one optimum relationship for the two fields that result from them. Therefore, every CST cable, in every series from Extreme all the way up to the STATEMENT Series, is specifically designed to produce that one optimum relationship in its own application.  CST cables are wound uniquely and look different from each so that all will have the same optimum field relationship, whatever their application.  This is CST's exclusive "WaveLink" technology, and it's one of many of the reasons CST cables sound closer to the original signal than its competitors.

The STATEMENT Series' incredible detail, focus and ambience retrieval lies in another example of CST's advanced technology: Functionally, cables (of any brand, even CST) have many of the characteristics of capacitors:  They store energy in their dielectric (on a cable, that means the insulation) and they release it out of phase, directly into the signal path every time the carried signal changes polarity.  This out-of-phase energy results in cancellation of the signal information at very low levels (like the fifth bounce of the music off the walls of the concert hall), and works to reduce detail, blur imaging, and even result in "phantom" signal artifacts ("noise" signals that aren't a part of the recording being played) to further compromise  listening enjoyment.  Coincident is one the few cable manufacturers to recognize and successfully address this important issue.

Cable Design and Construction – What is Important? – Everything !

Coincident's "total system" approach to cable design is exactly what the term implies: Every aspect of every parameter of each CST design is taken into consideration and optimized, before the design is finalized and put into production. This painstaking process takes years and literally thousands of hours of R & D and aural evaluation.

Many cable manufacturers believe that there can be one "magic" solution that will always result in "perfect" cables. This simplistic approach will yield a highly compromised product.  While many view cables as bits of wire and plastic, cables are extremely complex in their operation, and each of its component parts greatly affects their performance:  The geometry and material used for the conductors (usually either copper or silver in most audio cables) has a clear and obvious effect on the sound of your system.  Equally relevant is the thickness (the AWG gauge) of the conductors, their purity, how they were made, and whether they are solid-core or stranded.  Dielectric and capacitive discharge effects mean that the choice of insulating material for the primary wires, it's dielectric constant, its "dielectric absorption" or "dissipation factor", its "dump rate", and how thickly it's applied and its air to solid ratio are all crucial in accurately passing the signal the cable is fed. Furthermore, the type and thickness of each of the overall conductor jackets, the filler materials, if any, and the final overjacket on the finished cable all combine to greatly impact on the veracity of the resultant signal. Whether or not the cable is shielded is highly significant as well, because shielding – even shielding done the way CST does it – can affect sound quality and overall system performance.  And so can the spacing of the shield, if any, over the cable and the spacing of the conductors within it: The distance between them determines the capacitance and inductance of any pair of conductors, and those factors, plus the resistance of the conductors themselves, are the sole determinants of the cable's characteristic impedance.  The ultimate importance of absolutely everything in cable design is perhaps best illustrated by the circularity of its center core. If it is not perfectly round it will significantly affect how closely a coaxial cable will conform to its designed impedance specifications.

In designing its cables, Coincident takes every factor into consideration. Falter or neglect any design or construction parameter and the cable will be severely degraded. It is for these reasons that the STATEMENT Series is uniquely superior to virtually all other cables at any price, let alone at its unheard of selling price. Unlike other products that involve compromises that must be made to comply with budgetary considerations, the vagaries of the market, or the realities of manufacturing, the STATEMENT SERIES is designed and manufactured with none of the aforementioned restraints.

The STATEMENT Series is different. Absolutely uncompromised in any way, and representing the fullest development of the thoughts and skills of designer Israel Blume, the STATEMENT is, even as compared to CST's justly popular Extreme, a huge step forward. The goal of the STATEMENT SERIES is to produce a line of cables that pass the musical signal with as little coloration as possible and to replicate the accuracy of a direct bypass- in other words, to sound like no cable at all.

The STATEMENT Series Product Line

The STATEMENT Series consists of : ST-1-The Single-Ended Interconnect; ST-PH2 Phono Cable-RCA or DIN;ST-2- The Balanced Interconnect; ST-4- The Digital Interconnect, (available either balanced or single-ended); ST-4U USB ; ST-5.2- NEW The Speaker Cable, ST.5 /JS.2(along with its companion product the Jumper, ST-10.2 - NEW Power Cord.

Materials and Construction

STATEMENT Series Interconnects

All CST STATEMENT Series interconnects and digital cables are made from custom-drawn and specially treated PC-OCC (Pure Copper, Ohno Continuous Cast copper, which is so pure that it actually exceeds the test capabilities of any commercial laboratory.  The conductors of this extremely expensive material are individually insulated with thin films of a special PTFE-related fluoropolymer material and then arrayed in CST's own proprietary "WaveLink" geometry between an air- and nitrogen-bearing concentric two element fluoropolymer central core and a single element air-bearing fluoropolymer outer core. The insulation and core structure thus formed has a lower effective dielectric constant than any other kind or combination of commercially available materials. Where necessary for balanced or AES/EBU operation, a special grounding network is incorporated within the central core.

All connectors used on STATEMENT Series interconnects and digital cables are made to CST's own high standards.  Every connector is non-magnetic, to avoid hysteresis effects, and each is designed for minimum self-inductance.  Every part in the signal path of every STATEMENT Series connector is precision manufactured from either ultra-pure copper or from an ASTM-designated copper alloy selected to be best for its particular application. Where gold plating is used, it is applied directly, with no nickel substrate, just thickly enough to prevent connector tarnishing, without affecting sound quality. To ensure minimum self-inductance, steps are taken on every STATEMENT Series connector to remove all conductive materials not absolutely necessary to signal transmission from the signal path.

Speaker Cables

STATEMENT Series speaker cables are made from the same specially treated ultra-pure (exceeding U.S. commercial lab test capabilities) "PC-OCC" copper as is used for STATEMENT Series interconnects and digital cables. Multiple small-diameter conductors (23 AWG) of this material are individually insulated with thin films (0.076 mm or less) of a special PTFE-variant fluoropolymer material and implemented in accordance with Coincident"s special "WaveLink" geometry, over air-bearing composite multi-element concentric PTFE-variant core structures to make the cable's four individual conductor "legs". Each of these four legs is then wrapped and extruded with a twin-element PTFE-variant fluoropolymer jacket and the four legs are cabled, either around an air-bearing central core member or a special into a minimum-inductance "quad", and finally given a braided protective mesh outer jacket.

STATEMENT Series speaker cables are eight conductors of 16 gauge (AWG) in their normal "shotgun" configuration (2 legs per conductor) or four conductors of 12 AWG when terminated in the optional "bi-wire" mode. Protruding through these caps at either end are the actual hook-up ends of the cable. These are sheathed in multi-element air-dielectric tubes. The actual termination is, in every case, an individually billet-machined cryogenically-treated 24K direct gold-plated copper spade lug (of either 6.0 or 8.5 mm terminal size). Premium Deltron? brand bananas are also available.

Specific Product Descriptions

ST-1 Single-Ended Interconnect - Much larger in diameter than would normally be expected from Coincident, this STATEMENT Series cable features unique jacketing braided from dense wear-resistant polyester. This results in truly remarkable dielectric characteristics and an understated, elegant "stealth-like" appearance and texture reminiscent of carbon fiber. Fully symmetrical windings and special geometry make this shielded single-ended cable unusually resistant to EMI and RFI.

Price:  $595 US/ 1M pr.
$175 US each additional .5 meter pr.

ST-1 Single-Ended Interconnect

ST-2 Balanced Interconnect - Similar in construction and jacketing to the Single-Ended Interconnect, this 3-conductor, "true balanced" shielded cable relies upon the Common Mode Rejection inherent to balanced ("differential mode") operation to provide outstanding sonics. Special STATEMENT Series XLR connectors are custom machined and precision die-cast, with pins (male) and pin receptacles (female) of billet-cut Tellurium copper or patented Brush-Wellman Alloy 174 beryllium copper as standard.

Price: $695 US/ 1M pr.
$195 US each additional .5 meter pr.   

ST-2 Balanced Interconnect

ST-4 Digital Interconnect - Designed for instantaneous rise-time, broad bandwidth, and the lowest available cable-induced jitter of any product currently available, this STATEMENT Series cable has been adopted as an absolute reference standard by manufacturers of some of the most technically advanced digital equipment in the world and is the cable of choice for many of the world's most critical and demanding audio reviewers. ST-4 cables are available either unbalanced, with RCA or BNC connectors, or in balanced configuration with XLR connectors, for AES/EBU applications.

Price: $495 US/ 1M

ST-4U USB 2.0 Data Link Cable - The Statement Series ST-4U USB 2.0 data link cable is designed for audiophiles and music enthusiasts with vast music collections on their computer hard drives
looking for accurate, loss-less, high performance sound.

The ST-4U is an optimized digital interface between computer hard drives and USB-input DACs.

Computer-based systems are capable of smooth and detailed sound, especially with high-resolution recordings. But as with any system component quality, well-designed low-jitter USB cables are vital.

The ST-4U cable is constructed from silver copper alloy conductors with ultra low-loss, high-density PE (polyethylene) dielectric insulation.

It also features quad shielding and non-magnetic 24K Mil-Spec gold-plated USB 2.0 connectors with an internal EMI shield incorporated directly into the connector.

Optimized for clear and open highs, elegant midrange textures, powerful, tight bass and incredible soundstage & imaging, plus improved frequency extension and tonal balance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Main Conductors:
    26 AWG Ohno Continuous Cast Ag/Cu alloy conductors
  • Power Conductor:
    24 AWG Ag plated OCC Conductors
  • Main Insulation:
    Premium high-density polyethylene
  • Shielding: Quad shield (3-layer) construction for maximum EMI and RFI
    noise rejection
  • Connectors: Non-magnetic, shielded 24K gold-plated USB 2.0 Type A and
    Type B connectors

Price: $595 US/ 1.5M

ST-2 Balanced Interconnect

ST-5/JS- (Jumpers) – Are an alternative to using biwire speaker cable. The jumpers are made from the same conductors and dielectric materials as the ST-5 speaker cables and exactly replicate their performance.

Price: $795 US/ 8" set of 4.

The (all-new) Statement ST-5.2 is an highly flexible and compact profile speaker cable that no longer utilizes any of the excessive layers of bulky PVC insulation that held the earlier cables together.

The machine braided design provides a unique balance between electrostatic and electromagnetic fields where the positive and negative conductors criss-cross each other. Cross-Linked Teflon/ air dielectric insulation( the most expensive and finest dielectric next to air) is used for its superior properties in capacitive discharges (extremely low capacitance and inductance).

PC-OCC copper metallurgy is even of higher purity than laboratory grade and proprietary winding geometry lowers inductance so that the response is totally linear to beyond 50khz. 6 AWG multicore construction ready for either shotgun or internal Bi -wire application. Billet - cut direct gold plated cryogenically- treated copper fittings, combine to create a speaker cable that passes virtually all the musical information without subtraction, perversion or omission.

All new banana and spade terminators utilize the same PC-OCC copper with the protective barrel fashioned from high grade pure aluminum that is non resonant and non magnetic which eliminates hysteresis interaction.

The sonic result is greater overall purity, transparency and significantly greater revelation of low level detail and harmonic completeness. The Sound stage is more expansive with greater specificity of instruments.

Price - $2195 US /pr.
$295 US each additional ft/pr.

ST-10.2 AC Power Cable -

The ST-10.2 represents an evolutionary approach to power transmission technology. The new PC-OCC copper metallurgy ( even purer than before) and proprietary winding technology 10+ equivalent gauge (AWG), multi-conductor, PEX dielectric ( less mass than before) will outperform any other AC power cable regardless of price. The all new full coverage double densely braided shield, and unique geometry, results in AC noise levels, EMI and RFI being dramatically reduced. The sonic result is lower noise floor, greater revelation of low level detail and more impactful and authoritative bass. While the sonic improvement will be clearly evident on all components from line stages, DACs, digital players, and turntables, the absence of any current limiting makes this cable especially well suited to high power amplifiers. Each power cable is fitted with premium Hospital-Grade U.S.-style NEMA 3-prong plugs and 15A IEC connectors. European-style Schuko or 20 Amp connectors are also available at nominal additional cost.

$625 US /6 ft.
$725 US/6ft ( Schuko)
$75 US each additional ft.

Statement ST-PH-1:

  • Two twisted pairs (4 conductors) of individually insulated 22 AWG PC-OCC Ohno Continuous Cast
  • Copper conductors (2 x “S” twist; 2 x “Z” twist)
  • PE-variant dielectric insulation
  • Full double-shield design with full coverage aluminum foil shield and copper braid shield for maximum rejection against EMI and RFI noise
  • Translucent, high stability medical-grade PVC outer jacket
  • Abrasion resistant protective polyester outer braid
  • Precision machined, low self inductance RCA and DIN plugs made from electrolytic brass and anodized aluminum ground shells with PTFE dielectric insulation

Price: RCA-RCA - $695 US - 1M Pr.
DIN (Straight or L- Shape) - RCA - $795 US - 1M Pr.


1 The signal passed by phono cables is tiny fractions (thousandths or fractional thousandths) of an Ampere of current at equally tiny fractions of a Volt.  The signal carried by an unbalanced interconnect in a high impedance circuit is just millionths of an Amp at as much as 10 Volts; that of a balanced interconnect or digital cable in a matched-impedance circuit is milliamps (thousandths of an Amp) at, again, as much as 10 Volts; and that of a speaker cable may be as much as 50 or 60 Amps of current at as little (typically) as just a few thousandths of a Volt.

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