Click to enlargeThe Victory is an all out assault on state of the art, high sensitivity, high impedance loudspeakers. The finest drivers, crossover components, Coincident TRS internal wiring and an elaborate enclosure are integral ingredients in the creation of the Victory. Wait until you experience the sonic glories of a 2A3 or 300B amplifier mated to the Victory. Explosive dynamics, impactful bass down to 36 hz with whisper detail and a huge, open soundstage. No more excuses, no more compromises, and no need to resort to horn speakers. While the Victory is unique in that it will mate so synergistically with SET amplifiers, its sonic excellence will be apparent with a wide range of amplifiers from medium and large tube units to solid state. Excluding the bottom octave, the Victory may have no peer, (at any price), when it comes to pure transparency, neutrality and revelation of detail .

Tweeter: High sensitivity and incredible detail mandated the use of the finest isodynamic planar tweeter currently available. The driver mass, (extremely light Kapton film,with flat aluminum conductors that cover over 90% of the entire vibrating area), of this very expensive driver is so low that no sonic detail no matter how subtle or low in level will escape its scrutiny. All the benefits of a pure ribbon with no downside is what makes this tweeter utterly unique. The ultra low mass diaphragm is precisely placed between two rows of Neodymium and Barium Ferrite bar magnets.

Click to enlargeThe large driver area in addition to the massive front metal plate combined with a special heat conductive compound dramatically enhance the dynamic range. Unlike conventional ribbon tweeters and electrostats, the Victory tweeter has an extremely wide sound dispersion in the horizontal plane. At the same time, it has well controlled dispersion in the vertical field which helps avoid floor and ceiling reflections and the deleterious affects they have on imaging stability. Furthermore, the tweeter is magnetically shielded.
The Victory tweeter has virtually no inherent colorations. It really just sounds like music.

Midrange Units
Used in a D'Apollito alignment, the dual 3" precoated fabric low mass diaphrams offer incomparable transient precision, speed and detail retrieval. This was an absolute neccessity in order to achieve a sonically seamless blend with the amazing ribbon tweeter .

Dual paper treated 6.5" woofers, the same units used in the Triumph Signatures UHS provide flat bass to 36 hz with impact, dynamic alacrity and very low distortion at high levels.

The encloure of the Victory is a duplication of the one used for the Super Eclipse.Extensive bracing (6 horizontal - 6 vertical) , 1" hardwood MDF , spline joint construction and enclosure tuning at 350 hz are employed. The end result is an enclosure that has been specifically designed to sonically disappear.

Exactly the same methodology and components, (polypropylene caps,metal oxide resistors,large gauge OFC air core inductors-all hardwired and matched to 1%), as used in all Coincident models with the addition of Coincident TRS internal cabling.
The Victory incorporates the same Aeroport used in the Total Eclipses for elimination of port noise and 20% reduction of intermodulation distortion below 100 hz.

The Victory was designed to be an ultra high sensitivity, state of the art transducer. The Victory permits SET amplifiers to perform without compromise. Imagine all the sonic beauty of which 2A3s and 300Bs are capable without ANY downside.

If your preference lies with larger amplifiers, the Victory will provide revelatory sonics as well. In order to achieve breakthrough performance in an affordable, compact speaker, the decision was made to sacrifice the frequency range below 36 hz. Therefore, unlike the Super Eclipse and especially the Total Eclipse, subwoofer bass will not be attained. The midbass of the Victory is, however, very impactful, punchy and highly articulated. If bottom octave response is not a priority, the Victory will be near impossible to surpass.


Click to enlargeFrequency Response: 36 hz - 40 khz
Impedance: 14 ohms (never dropping below 10 ohms or going above 18)
Sensitivity: 97 db @ 1M - 1W
Power Requirements: 3 watts - 100 watts
Dimensions: 42" H x 9" W x 14" D
Weight: 92 lbs.
Price: $4999 US /pr.

Driver Compliment - per speaker

Tweeter:1 Isodynamic planar magnetic 6"
Midrange: 2 Fabric 3" units
Woofers: 2 Paper Treated 6.5" units

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