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Special Features of All Coincident Speakers

Click to EnlargeEnclosures:

- Enclosures constructed from 1" MDF Hardwood, a specially developed material that is both very rigid, non resonant and highly uniform with regard to density.

MDF is medium density fiber board. This is fabricated out of medium soft wood trees and bonded under extreme high pressure with a mixture of adhesives. Within MDF there are varying grades. Some are less dense , others are more or less consistently dense. The higher the density and more consistent throughout the board, the more costly and superior the product. Coincident uses a type often referred to as Ranger board. This board is the highest density and most consistent ( and costly being 2-3 times the price of regular MDF) and is made of medium soft and hard wood trees with a greater proportion of wood particle and less adhesive. Standard MDF boards have a density of 32 lbs/cc ft. Coincident boards have a density of 42 lbs/cc/ft and consistency throughout the board of 1% as opposed to 8%-10% for standard boards.

Our MDF is actually almost 50% more rigid and 40% less resonant. This translates to a huge sonic difference. Our boards have hardwood veneer bonded to them on both sides with a special hard drying adhesive under extremely high heat and pressure. This ensures that the veneer will never peel or bubble no matter how humid or hot the conditions. The sonic benefit of the adhesive we use in addition to the double sided veneering is a furthering of the overall rigidity and non resonant quality for which we strive in all our enclosures.

We have experimented within MDF hardwood(which is made of mostly hardwood trees) but found that while they were very rigid, they were much more resonant between 40hz- 120hz. Good for furniture , less appealing in loudspeaker enclosures.

It took 4 years of experimenting and measuring numerous substances, from birch plywood to ceramic based materials to granite and mineral composites and pure hardwoods to settle on the MDF Coincident eventually uses exclusively because it proved to have the best balance between high rigidity and low resonance which accounts to a large degree for the transparent, neutral or unbox like qualities of Coincident speakers.

- CNC (Computer Numeric Control) construction to ensure machining accuracy to within .01 %.

- Spline Joint Construction - All speaker joints are manufactured using this laborious method to ensure a very tight cabinet devoid of resonances.

- Finest furniture grade cherrywood that is veneered inside and out to eliminate any potential for the finish to peel or bubble.

- Elaborate computer designed bracing scheme which minimizes any cabinet flexing, which creates excessive storage and release of energy which results in audible distortions.

- Computer -aided design enclosure dimensions which help reduce internal standing waves.

- Elimination of Internal Damping - Instead of using inexpensive, resonant enclosure materials and then futilly attempting to damp out resulting resonances and colorations with soft, spongy interior substances, (which are responsible for decreasing system sensitivity and increasing internal reflections). Coincident enclosures are constructed of inherently non resonant, incomparably rigid materials that require no damping with its accompanying deleterious affect on sound quality.

Click to Enlarge- Enclosure Tuning: All Coincident enclosures are tuned to a very high fundamental resonance frequency of 350 hz, (as opposed to the 80 hz resonance of most speakers). This high frequency tuning technique renders resonances sonically benign and inaudible. Resonances are effectively dissipated out the enclosure and transformed to thermal energy. The end result is an enclosure with no audible colorations.

-The highest quality finish and construction, unsurpassed by competing speakers costing 5 times the price.

Drivers -

- The finest European drive units that are manufactured specifically for Coincident and /or modified by Coincident for enhanced performance. All drivers are thoroughly tested and matched to within .2 db to ensure that all speakers match the reference, thereby eliminating any unit to unit variation.

- Unlike many competing speaker companies that use cheap drivers and attempt to extract greater performance through crossover manipulation, Coincident firmly adheres to the belief that only superior drivers can produce superior sound, (eventhough this is a much more costly path to follow).

- All drivers are highly sensitive, have uniform impedance characteristics AND possess high power handling capability for the utmost in reliability and sonic excellence.


- Computer Aided Designed crossover networks that use only first order designs, (to ensure phase coherency and sonic purity). Constructed of the finest components-high gauge OFC air core inductors, precision high wattage metal oxide resistors, high voltage polypropylene (Auric Cap) capacitors all matched to within 1%, all lead to lead construction and then hand soldered. This method ensures the shortest signal path and purest sonics. Furthermore, since every component is hard wired, the elimination of circuit boards and terminal connectors means that there is nothing to corrode, oxidize or deteriorate over time.

- Only one component is in the signal path for each driver. This guarantees the passage of the most musical information with the least coloration.


- Specially developed,highly acclaimed Coincident 6N copper cable is used for all internal wiring.

- Shortest signal paths are maintained.

- All cable is hardwired to the drivers, crossovers, and binding posts,(which are heavy duty solid 3/8 " pure copper, gold plated - 5 way).

*Patent #2157518

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