Total Victory V

The highly acclaimed and ground breaking Total Victory has been upgraded. The improvements are very noticeable and the changes are substantial. The knowledge gained in the development of the Total Reference, has lead to the creation of the Total Victory V.

1. Woofers- Changed from the Nomex cones to the new and amazing Aluminum ones.
Deeper, more impactful bass with the same seamless transition to the midrange.

2. New crossover which optimizes the new Aluminum cone woofers.

Enjoy the Best of 2010 Award

Stereomojo Recomendation

Enjoy the Best of 2010 Award

The most significant upgrades involve all new drive units. Coincident Speaker

The unit used in the Total Reference is now part of the Total Victory V. In order to reproduce all the upper frequencies with complete transparency, transient speed and precision and have the frequency range from 1800hz- 27khz necessitated the employment of a tweeter with ultra low mass and a very low fundamental resonance frequency - qualities that are virtually mutually exclusive with only one tweeter so capable. The driver that fulfills these requirements is our newly developed, planar, isodynamic ribbon tweeter witha radiating surface less than the volume of a cubic inch of air yet 3 times as large as the ribbon used in the TV II.

Not only is the speed and detail thrilling to hear, this unit extends flat from 1700 hz - 27khz with no audible resonances. This ribbon is a purely resistive load at a flat 8 ohms. Very high sensitivity is partly due to the use of a highly powerful neodymium magnet structure that measures 3"x6" and weighs in excess of 2 lbs. An ultra rigid, solid aluminum faceplate ensures resonant free reproduction and the elimination of diffraction affects.

This tweeter has proven to be virtually indestructible with a 0% failure rate in the field. Due to its high power handling capabilities, the sound of the tweeter is unchanged whether it is played at low volumes or at very high SPLs.

Coincident SpeakerThe TV II used a pair of 3" domed midranges which operated in the range from 1khz - 3khz. From 1khz - 81hz, another pair of 6.5" paper treated cone drivers were employed. The reason for the use of the 3" domes was a direct result of the ribbon tweeter only having a lower frequency limit of 3khz. There was too much of a sonic compromise in attempting to use the 6.5" midbass drivers up to 3khz. They were simply too slow to keep up with the speed of the ribbon tweeter. The 3" dome midranges proved to a viable intermediary between the tweeter and the midbass drivers. The sonic compromise was the introduction of an additional crossover section.

The new ribbon tweeter now used in the TV V allows the new midrange/midbass drivers to reproduce only the frequency range between 100hz and 1.8khz, well within its optimum frequency range which extends flat to 3khz. In the TV V, the 3" midrange domes could now be eliminated along with the extra crossover section. The sonic result is an enhanced sense of cohesion and coherency from 100hz - 27 khz as well as greater transparency.

The new midranges are proprietary 7" paper treated cones that were designed exclusively for use in the TV IV. It is a high sensitivity driver with an exceptionally low mass and high rigidity cone, large magnet structure and very high gauge magnesium basket and frame to ensure resonance free operation. The drivers are aligned in a D'apollito configuration to offer all the advantages of phase coherency and the extra power handling and distortion reducing elements inherent in the proper implementation of the design.

Coincident SpeakerThe woofers are the same units used in the Total Reference. While the previous TVII used 4 - 8" paper treated woofers, the TV V uses a pair of truly remarkable 12" aluminum cones that are the finest in the world. The construction standards are something to behold: thick cast iron frame ensures complete rigidity, heavy duty, stiff, aluminum cone that is impervious to flexing, a magnet structure that weighs in excess of 15 lbs., thick gauge gold plated copper terminals to maintain high current capability. The driver fulfills every demand for deep bass (f3 is 17 hz). With its unlimited power handling capacity, 110 db levels at 20hz with virtually immeasurable distortion and complete long term reliability, this new design accomplishes state of the art bass reproduction that was previously not possible. While a single driver provides genuine sub woofer bass, the TV IV uses a pair per speaker. Not only will these woofers reproduce bass down to 20hz, it will do so with incredible weight, punch and impact. Due to the very tight tuning of the bass, the TV V will never sound boomy or over blown. The low frequencies are seamlessly blended to the mids and highs, never calling undue attention to itself. For this reason, the TV V sounds wonderful in moderate size rooms. We do not know of another speaker available for under $25000, that uses even one of these woofers.

The enclosure is identical to the one used in the TV II, given the adjustments required for the new driver arrangement.

Not only are the front 3 drivers contained within their own sub-enclosure, 3 computer designed, internal braces are used to ensure maximum rigidity. The two woofers are each placed within their own individual sub-enclosures containing two braces each. To create a loudspeaker essentially devoid of cabinet resonances is a daunting task at the best of times. To successfully construct one that is this large and houses 5 drivers, represents a monumental achievement.

The crossover in the TV V is much simpler than the TV II since the speaker is a 3 way design instead of a 4 way. Only one state of the art polypropylene film and foil capacitor and 2 OFC high gauge inductors are in the signal path. The crossover is so pure that its presence is virtually inaudible.

The Total Victory V is unique among loudspeakers for a variety of reasons:

  • High sensitivity coupled with high power handling capability.

  • State of the art performance in both the micro and macro realms.

  • Incredible detail and transparency coupled with harmonic completeness.

  • State Of The Art Design and Construction at a Real World Price.


Frequency Response: 22 Hz – 27Khz
Impedance: 10 ohms
Sensitivity: 95 db @ 1m – 1 watt
Power Requirements: 3 watts – 300 watts
Dimensions: 52" H x 9" W x 22" D
Weight: 200 lbs ea.
Driver Compliment: (per speaker)
  • 1 - Isodynamic Planar Ribbon Tweeter
  • 2 - 7" Paper Treated Midranges
  • 2 - 12" Heavy Duty Aluminum Cone Woofers

    Price: $14,999/pr US. Limited Time Offer
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