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Click to enlargeIn an effort to create a loudspeaker with similiar sonic characteristics and easy to drive qualities of the Super Eclipses but in a more compact, less expensive package, Coincident Speaker Technology proudly announces their latest creation, the Partial Eclipses. The Partial Eclipses adhere to the same construction quality and standards as well as following the identical design philosophy as the Super Eclipses. The Partial Eclipses employ the same drivers and crossover components as the Supers but use only one midrange driver and one mirror imaged side firing woofer. The end result is a loudspeaker that shares the Super Eclipses sonic splendour and aesthetically appealing appearance, but is more suitable to smaller rooms and smaller budgets. The Partial Eclipses are highly dynamic speakers with superb low end extension and impact coupled with the amazing ability to reveal the most subtle of musical nuance.  



To build a state of the art loudspeaker requires the use of state of the art drivers.  No amount of crossover manipulation or driver massaging will transform inferior drive units into a superior loudspeaker. The Partial Eclipse uses only the best tweeter, midrange and woofers, regardless of cost. Not only are the individual drivers the most accurate money can buy, but equally significant is that all drivers blend seamlessly to create a coherent, almost crossoverless sonic presentation.  

The Partial Eclipses Series II now uses the identical tweeter and 8" woofer as the Super Eclipse. The midrange unit is a truly superior carbon fiber cone that combines detail, impact and full rendering of harmonic information.


The Partial Eclipse incorporates the identical tweeter as used in our reference speaker, the Total Eclipse. This silk dome, specialized version of the state of the art Scanspeak Revelator is a no holds-barred quest to offer the finest high frequency reproduction currently available.

It uses a powerful double magnet assembly for high power handling capability and very low resonant frequency of 550hz. A vented pole piece and special cavity damping techniques reduces spurious resonances to insignificance. While most other tweeters use flimsy, high resonant front plates made of thin plastic, the Partial Eclipse Series II tweeter's front plate is manufactured from thick aluminum.

The dispersion characteristic of this tweeter is so wide that even flat frequency response is maintained to beyond 20khz at 30 degrees off axis. Truly incredible performance! The Partial Eclipse Series II tweeter is highly detailed, refined, and pure sounding, while at the same time is smooth as silk.

    The new tweeter's design goals were:

  • Maximum dynamic linearity.
  • Ultra low coloration.
  • State of the art retrieval of outer AND low level detail.
  • High sensitivity AND high power handling capability.

    A daunting task to be sure, but the critical and commercial success of our Total Eclipse loudspeakers was reflective of our success in achieving these lofty goals.

    To quote from a noted and respected audio reviewer on this new tweeter:

    "... and that treble ...mahhhhvelous, darling- more open, more extended, more revealing, yet not even the slightest hint of fatigue, brightness or glare even with bad recordings. The titanium tweeter (previously used) would reveal the flaws in a recording in a less, um, merciful manner."

    The development of the new tweeter incorporated some very novel ideas:

  • To achieve this new level of resolution required a totally new coating process on the silk dome. It is a highly complex procedure, done by hand and involves multiple coats of a specially formulated compound which not only increases dynamic linearity but critically damps virtually all cone resonances at the same time.
  • Furthermore, the double magnet assembly is housed in a uniquely developed chamber that is devoid of any resonances.
  • A completely new magnet system eliminates electrical phase shift.
  • The high gauge, aluminum front plate has exceptional linear directivity controlled down to lower than 2khz.

    The end result is a tweeter capable of high frequency reproduction that sets new sonic standards. Harmonically complete, astounding retrieval of detail, precise transient response, maximum dynamic linearity with absolutely no compression or resonances.


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The new midrange driver uses a very stiff yet light weight woven carbon fiber cone which results in superb speed (transient precision) as well remarkable detail retrieval. A large magnet assembly coupled to a tightly tuned spider combine for high efficiency and well controlled dynamic performance.

Other features include:

  • Heavy metal diecast basket to eliminate frame resonance and driver flexing.
  • Edgewound copper voice coil on a Kapton former for pure signal transfer.
  • Vented spider and pole piece so that the voice coil will stay cool,
    thereby maintaining a smooth impedance profile.

Click to enlargeWoofer:

To accomplish the goals of high sensitivity and high impedance, coupled with low frequency performance that is dynamically unrestrained, weighty, impactful and a seamless blend with the sonic characteristics of the mids and highs, required the use of the finest 8" woofers money could buy.  The woofer chosen for the Partial Eclipse uses a huge magnet assembly with a 2" voice coil. A very stiff, specially treated paper cone is almost impervious to cone break up or flexing. It uses a novel long stroke, low reflexion magnesium basket that is so rigid that unwanted movement is totally prevented. The thick yet flexible natural rubber surround effectively damps the cone and reduces distortion to vanishingly low levels. 

The woofer is specifically tuned to provide very tight and articulate bass response with tremendous impact and dynamic explosiveness. 

Click to Enlarge Port :

The low frequency tuning of the Partial Eclipse Series II has been lowered by almost 20% . The port now used is only 1" W x 1" D. The tight tuning of the new Partial Eclipses results in bass response greatly resembling a sealed enclosure- in other words, very controlled and articulate AND with plenty of punch and impact.

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Binding Posts :

The binding posts of all Coincident speakers have been upgraded to our own manufactured, proprietary 6N copper, gold plated 5 way connectors. They feature a large .25" solid 6N copper post and thumb tightening lugs. Not only do they look sharp, but they sound better than ever.

Enclosure :

The Partial Eclipses are constructed just like the Super Eclipses. The tweeter and midrange are sealed in their own subenclosure. While incredibly rigid to begin with, the enclosure is further strengthened by three horizontal and two vertical braces to create a structure that is virtually devoid of unwanted resonances. The woofer is mounted in a mirror imaged side firing fashion, to enable the user the added flexibility of placing the speakers so that the woofer aims to the inside or outside. This permits two locations for the speaker to be placed in order to avoid room standing wave problems that may exist.

All Coincident enclosures are constructed from the most rigid, non resonant material we have tested; 1" MDF hardwood. Additionally, all Coincident enclosures are tuned to a sonically benign fundamental resonant frequency of 350hz. 

Furthermore, internal standing waves have been effectively banished due to the computer designed enclosure dimensions. 

In short, Coincident enclosures have virtually no sound of their own. Therefore, the Partial Eclipse's reproduction takes on an open, spacious quality only previously heard in boxless speakers. 

Crossover - 

As with all Coincident speakers,the crossover is a first order design ,using only the finest components, hardwired and all matched to 1%.Precision metal oxide resistors, high voltage polypropylene capacitors and high gauge, OFC air core inductors are used exclusively. Coincident crossovers are so pure and transparent, they sound almost like no crossover at all. The Partial Eclipse is a compact, visually arresting design that is constructed to perfectionist standards. It is a full range speaker capable of reproducing demanding source material with unique ease in addition to being very easy to drive.

First order crossovers can only be used with drivers possessing the following qualities: 

  1. High power handling capability.
  2. Smooth roll off characteristics.
  3. Wide bandwith.

The Partial Eclipse's drivers are quintessential examples of the above noted characteristics.  All the drivers can handle in excess of 200 watts continuous, have no resonances within the audible range and are capable of flat frequency response greater than 2 octaves beyond their crossover points. Additionally, all drivers used in the Partial Eclipse are matched to within .1db to ensure absolute unit to unit consistency and precision preformance. 


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Frequency Response: 30hz - 30khz 
Impedance:8 ohms ( min. 7.9 - max. 10 ohms )
Sensitivity: 92 db - 1w @ 1m
Power Requirements:7 watts - 150 watts
Dimensions: 37" H x 8" W x 12" D
Weight: 54 lbs ea.
Driver Compliment: 
Tweeter: 1-1" Silk Dome
Midrange: 1 - 5.25"  Carbon Fiber Driver
Woofer: 1 - 8"  Paper Treated cone

Price: $4,499 US/pr.


  • Extreme Internal Wire: $500 US /pr extra
  • Extender Feet w/ Oversize Spikes: $320 US extra


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