Dynamite Floorstanding Speaker review by TONEAudio "Exceptional Value Award - 2017"

Coincident Speaker


Coincident is very excited to announce the introduction of the Dynamite loudspeaker. This represents the initial foray for Coincident into the realm of floor standing, full range, high end speakers at a decidedly mid fi price. In keeping with the philosophy that began with the release of the Dynamo 34SE amplifier, the Dynamite loudspeaker offers build quality, design, aesthetics and performance that was previously not possible at this price point. The combination of the Dynamite and the Dynamo yields high end sound at an unbelievably affordable price.

The Dynamite is capable of reproducing all types of music, in a manner that will satisfy the demands of the most seasoned listener. Its compact footprint makes it an ideal speaker for those with limited space and yet it is fully adept at filling a spacious listening environment. Due to its high sensitivity and wide power handling capabilities, amplifier choice is a personal one. Single ended triode tube amps fully realize their inherent sonic advantage mated to the Dynamite and those with a preference for higher power tube or solid state amps will be equally enamoured by the results.

The same design approach and philosophy of enclosure materials, crossovers and driver choice apply to the Dynamite as it does to the vastly more expensive Coincident models. The breakthrough price to performance ratio has become possible due to high volume and efficient production, off shore cabinet construction, direct to consumer pricing and the lowest mark up structure in high end audio.

Coincident Speaker

Enclosure - Is a completely novel design due to its wave side panel construction. The technique is extremely time consuming to construct since it involves the use of specially formulated Coincident MDF boards bonded together and then through the use of CNC technology, moulded into the wave shape. The intricate pattern of the top of the speaker is also constructed using similar techniques. This creates an asymmetrical enclosure that minimizes internal standing waves which results in a cabinet with virtually no sonic signature. Internally, the enclosure is highly braced using CAD to ensure a highly rigid and non resonant structure. Cabinet fundamental resonance frequency, like all Coincident speaker designs, is 350 Hz which is sonically benign and transformed to heat which is efficiently dissipated out of the enclosure.

The front, top and base are finished in polyester black lacquer, a highly expensive but beautiful design touch. The base, supplied with spiked feet, not only provides a pleasingly aesthetic feature but due to widening the slim footprint of the speaker, adds stability for improved imaging and tight bass response.

Coincident Speaker


Tweeter -  1" silk dome with a large magnet structure which results in a low resonant frequency two octaves below its crossover point.Its ultra low mass dome reproduces the upper frequencies with great transparency, air and detail, yet is very smooth and devoid of audible resonances which is the cause of an abrasive, edgy sound typical of many lesser quality speakers. The Dynamite tweeter sounds like the material of which it is fashioned- SILK.

Midrange - Consists of a pair of 5.25" Kevlar low mass, yet very rigid cones. Large magnet structure, high gauge magnesium basket and frame, ensure high power handling with low distortion and resonance free operation. The drivers are aligned in a D'Apollito configuration which offers all the inherent advantages of phase coherency, extra power handling capabilities and lower distortion. The midrange realism is uncanny. No harsh artifacts or distracting coloration are to be heard here. Transients are accurately reproduced with no sense of slurring or break up. Vocals are harmonically complete and palpable in its authenticity creating the illusion of live music being played in one's listening room.

Coincident Speaker

Coincident Speaker

Woofer - Mounting the woofer on the side of the cabinet allows the front baffle to be exceptionally narrow which eliminates driver diffraction affects and expands horizontal dispersion to 20 kHz - 30 degrees off axis. Furthermore, this allows the front baffle to be exceptionally narrow which eliminates driver diffraction affects and expands horizontal dispersion to 20 KHz -30 degrees off axis. The woofer is a long throw, large magnet assembly, polypropylene 8" driver. The specially designed woofer cone and suspension system exhibits extreme rigidity which accounts for high SPLs with vanishingly low distortion at frequencies below 40 hz. The bass is tightly tuned in order to eliminate any boominess or overhang in the lower frequencies. This results in tight, impactful, punchy bass response which is perfectly coherent with the rest of the audible spectrum.

Crossover - Again, consistent with the Coincident philosophy that simplicity results in greater purity, and phase coherency, first order crossovers are utilized. All high quality components are hard wired and matched to 1% to ensure long term consistency and reliability. Coincident cabling is used internally to connect the drivers to the crossovers and to the binding posts which are mounted on solid aluminum plates.

The Dynamite represents a new age of beautifully crafted speakers that perform to a level not believed possible at this price point.


Frequency Response : 32 hz - 20 kHz
Power Requirements: 8 watts - 100 watts
Sensitivity: 90 db-@1M-1 watt
Impedance: 8 ohms
Dimensions: 46" H x 14" D x 7.5" W.
Weight: 48 lbs ea.
Price : Introductory $ 3299 US /pair.


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