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To satisfy those audiophile/music lovers who demand BMW quality and performance at Honda prices, Coincident Speaker Technology introduces the CST .5 speaker cable. The CST .5 uses the same materials and similiar design, conductor geometry and cable construction as our highly acclaimed CST1 speaker cables, but on a smaller and simpler scale. The net sonic result is a speaker cable that outperforms competing cables costing 2 - 3 times the CST.5 's very reasonable price. The CST.5 is highly recommended in systems using the Coincident Triumph Signatures and Conquests.

Why the CST .5 is so good:

  • Heavy gauge 6N copper spades or heavy duty bananas for high contact area and low resistance (identical to the ones used in the CST1)
  • Multiple gauge 6N copper conductors ( totalling 9 awg)
  • Polypropylene dialectric for low DA (dialectric absorption)
  • Proprietary intimate winding of the hot and ground conductors to ensure low inductance for extended high frequency performance
  • High density constrained layer damping at cable connectors to minimize micro movement and conductor resonances.

    The CST.5 speaker cable is designed and constructed to the highest standards using the finest materials,(certainly unheard of at this price point). The CST .5 is a definite sonic overachiever and offers the highest value of any cable currently in existence. It will be at home in audio systems at all but the most exalted levels. Compared to our CST1, its failings are the small loss of detail .

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    Prices: US - per pr.

    up to 4 ft . - $159.00
    5 ft. - 179.00
    6 ft. - 199.00

    $ 20 for each additional ft. pr.

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