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– JUNE / JULY 2005

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The highly acclaimed and ground breaking Total Victory has been upgraded. The improvements are relatively small but the sonic results are not. As of June 1/ 04, the following changes have been implemented to the Total Victory:

1. Tighter tuning of the bass and midbass. The sonic result is tighter, deeper bass that is punchier and more articulated with a seamless blend to the mids and highs. The very small bump ( .5 db) at 80 hz has been banished. As a further benefit, the speakers will now sound more optimized in smaller environments.

2. TRS Extreme cable replaces TRS Internal wiring to the bass and midbass drivers. The new TRS Extreme speaker cable (Coincident’s new reference) is the most transparent cable we have ever auditioned and consequently the Total Victory’s sense of immediacy, transparency and revelation of detail ( both outer and low level) is substantially enhanced. Additionally, the wiring improvement is responsible for creating a more spacious, open soundfield.

3. Crossover changes have been made to all the drivers to optimize the above noted improvements. This results in a speaker that comes very close to sounding as if it uses only one driver as opposed to nine. Quite an accomplishment, if we may so immodestly proclaim.

4. Extender Feet made of solid aluminum, are now standard on the Total Victory II.
($200 US set of 8 option on all our other speakers) These feet enlarge the footprint of the speaker by 4”, thereby maximizing rigidity. The feet are responsible for tighter low frequencies, more precise imaging, cleaner delineation of transients and greater clarity from top to bottom.

5. Oversize, all brass, dual tapered spikes are also standard on the Total Victory II. ($120 US/ set of 8 option on all our other speakers). These spikes are twice the mass and .75” taller than our standard brass spikes previously offered. The larger spike in combination with the extender feet provide a completely rigid foundation upon which the speakers sits.


The Total Victory II is the embodiment of all we have learned about full range, state of the art, high sensitivity loudspeakers. All the sonic magic of the Victories from the midbass on up (and then some), with the addition of genuine subwoofer bass, the Total Victory II represents a breakthrough in high sensitivity transducers.

In essence, the Total Victory II comprises the Victory speaker on the front panel in a ported sub-enclosure, within a cabinet (the exact size of the Total Eclipses), that houses 4 side - firing 8" woofers (the same as used in the Super Eclipses), with each woofer in its own braced sub-enclosure.

The Total Victory II has two audible advantages over the Victory (outside of the obvious extra bass impact and extension due to the addition of the 4 eight inch woofers):

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1) The Victory portion of the speaker is contained in a ported sub-enclosure that has been computer designed to have its f3 at 81 Hz, (as opposed to the Victory speaker on its own where the f3 is 36 Hz). Therefore, in the Total Victory II, the midbass drivers are rolled off more than a full octave higher in frequency, thereby restricting the cone excursion of the 6.5" woofers resulting in greater linearity in the midrange.

2) The greater height of the Total Victory II (52" vs 42" of the Victory), is responsible for enhancing the sense of vertical dispersion. The extra height will also result in more optimum sonics when listening in the nearfield.

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The enclosure of the Total Victory II is the most elaborate ever constructed by Coincident Speaker Technology. Not only are the five drivers of the Victory contained within their own sub-enclosure, five computer designed, internal braces are used to ensure maximum rigidity. The four woofers are each placed within their own individual sub-enclosures containing two braces each. To create a loudspeaker essentially devoid of cabinet resonances is a daunting task at the best of times. To successfully construct one that is this large and houses nine drivers, represents a monumental achievement.

The Total Victory II is unique among loudspeakers for a variety of reasons:

  • High sensitivity coupled with high power handling capability.

    Therefore, they can be successfully mated with low powered single ended triodes as well as high output push pull tube amplifiers or high current solid state units. Amplifier choice becomes a personal issue. For those whose sonic priorities lie with micro details such as low level detail reproduction, midrange transparency etc., the Total Victory II partnered with a 2A3 or 300B amplifier for example, will prove revelatory. If unrestrained sense of dynamics, thunderous bass with visceral impact and weight is desired, the Total Victory II with a high powered amplifier will deliver in spades.

  • State of the art performance in both the micro and macro realms.

    For any audio component to be capable of accurately reproducing the sound of a pin dropping and the blast of a canon is truly praiseworthy. The Total Victory II will, with equal verisimultude, be as musically convincing reproducing chamber music and jazz trios as it will large orchestral, rock or heavy metal. The subtlest delicacies nor the largest crescendos will not pose any difficulty for these speakers.

  • Incredible detail and transparency coupled with harmonic completeness.

    The Total Victory II is startling in its ability to reproduce everything contained on the musical source as well as revealing the sonic nature of the components mated to it and the environment in which it is placed. The Total Victory II will not veil, color or alter the signal being fed to it. The transient precision, revelation of detail (both low level and outer), transparency and immediacy heard with the Total Victory II sets new standards for dynamic loudspeakers. Many audiophiles, due to their experiences with other audio components, associate the above noted sonic attributes with a lean tonal balance or an edgy, bright sound. In many previous cases, this has been a truism, but not in the example of the Total Victory II. They uniquely combine speed, detail and transparency with no indigenous leanness or brightness. On the contrary, the Total Victories are harmonically complete with a tonal balance that is neither lean nor excessively full-bodied. It is simply realistic and natural. However, it must be cautioned, that if one is looking for a loudspeaker to color the sound by softening transients, obscuring detail or making inferior associated components or poorly recorded source material more palatable, the Total Victory II may not be the best choice. Other loudspeakers on the market may prove to be more satisfactory for this purpose.

  • State Of The Art Design and Construction at a Real World Price.

    The Total Victory II was designed to be a statement product unencumbered by cost restraints. From the elaborate enclosure to the finest crossover components and drivers, all CAD designed and CNC and meticulously handcrafted, no effort or expense was spared in the manufacture of the Total Victory II. While its selling price is not inexpensive, it is a genuine bargain and represents the finest value in all-out loudspeakers. The Total Victory II is better constructed, using superior, more costly components than competing loudspeakers at twice their selling price. As for sonic performance, it is the opinion of many respected audio experts that one could spend five times the price of the Total Victory II and still not equal it.


Frequency Response: 26 Hz – 40Khz
Impedance: 10 ohms
Sensitivity: 97 db @ 1m – 1 watt
Power Requirements: 3 watts – 300 watts
Dimensions: 52" H x 9" W x 22" D
Weight: 200 lbs ea.
Driver Compliment: (per speaker)
  • 1- Isodynamic Planar Ribbon Tweeter
  • 2-3" Fabric Dome Midranges
  • 2-6.5 " Paper Treated Midbass Woofers
  • 4-8" Heavy Duty Paper Treated Woofers

    Price: $12,999 Cdn /pr
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